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Galley Kitchen

Modular Galley Kitchen

A Galley kitchen has been one of the most loved kitchen layouts among homeowners in London. The reasons are its practicality, durability, simple design and better ergonomics. This classic and narrow, long kitchen layout offers a unique cooking experience on both sides. Also known as corridor kitchen and parallel kitchen, this kitchen design enables the homeowners to make the most efficient use of the available space. Considering a kitchen makeover or a newly built, galley kitchens by TEL Kitchens provide you with the best functional space in your home.

What is Galley Kitchen?

Named after the cooking areas on the ship, galley kitchens are long and narrow kitchens with cabinets and worktops on two parallel walls. A corridor runs down the middle of the two walls. The worktops have designated areas for sink, storage, and hob in this small modular parallel kitchen. The kitchens can be designed in any style- modern, shaker, or traditional.

Why Galley Kitchens are Popular and Trending?

Over the years, galley kitchens have become a much sought-after choice when it comes to kitchen remodelling or renovation of smaller kitchens. They help you maximize storage without sacrificing the floor plan.

  1. Ample Worktop Space: You get an abundant workspace in the form of two worktops that run along the long kitchen cabinet walls. As there are no corners, the valuable space doesn’t get lost in those hard-to-reach and deep corner spaces.
  2. Maximum Storage: The layout of the parallel kitchen design is crafted in such a manner that you get amazing and ample storage space with kitchen cabinets on both sides. The design makes the best possible use of space by providing both upper and base cabinets.
  3. Best for Smaller Kitchens: Galley kitchens are specifically designed for smaller spaces by giving them the best space and storage utilization. This makes them affordable too.
  4. Practical and Functional: Due to the narrow nature of the kitchen design, all the work areas such as preparation, cooking, refrigerator, and cleaning are placed closely. This makes working in a galley kitchen more comfortable and convenient. Galley kitchens incorporate amazing ergonomics.
  5. Affordable: Galley kitchens are small, which makes them affordable and budget friendly. Also, a lot more is saved on flooring as there is less floor area to be covered. The money saved can be utilized on appliances, sink, and other accessories in the kitchen.

Galley or Corridor Kitchen Layouts

Here are famous galley layouts to choose from for your kitchen.

  • Symmetrical Layout: A symmetrical galley kitchen will have the identical length of the two runs and have an almost similar arrangement of the cabinets. The arrangements of units on both sides of the walls will mirror each other or will resemble closely.
  • Asymmetrical Layout: As the name says, both the parallel walls are different to each other. These can be different in terms of length or the placement of the units. For example, one side can have taller units with open shelving while the other side comprises appliances.

Choose the Right Design Style for Galley Style Kitchen

There are a range of options to choose your favourite galley design style for your kitchen.

  1. Modern: Looking for a streamlined, minimal, and less ornate look, then this modern kitchen design for your parallel kitchen is the best. Imagine integrated appliances with tall handless cabinets offering well-defined lines and mess-free worktops.
  2. Traditional: Galley style kitchen in traditional design is appealing, alluring and timeless. Choose natural materials (wood, stone, etc) with decorative accents to impart a warm and welcoming aura to the kitchen.
  3. Shaker: Shaker-style parallel kitchens ensure a simple, functional, and practical design with a homely feeling. Knob handles, freestanding units and real hardwood are some key characteristics of a shaker kitchen.

Styling The Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen gives you the power to style the kitchen according to your dreams, lifestyle, and budget. There are endless opportunities to get creative with your galley layout.

  1. Creating an Island: To make the kitchen more sociable, the inclusion of an island will do wonders. Rather than adding a separate island that can turn the space clumsy, one of the wall sides can be converted into an island layout. The island will replace one of the runs and sit parallel to the longer side that has a hob/sink. Whatever elements are remaining, will be positioned on the other side.
  2. Adding Peninsula, table, or Breakfast Bar: Interested in adding a kitchen diner to your parallel kitchen, then replace the base cabinets with open space. Add some stools and the area can be used as your dining space.
  3. Arranging Appliances: Choose the appliances that offer a simplified feel. However, you may be required to go for compact sizes of the appliances due to the small layout of the kitchen. If the kitchen is open on both ends, you may expect more traffic than usual. Consider planning your hob, sink and prep area on one side of the galley kitchen to avoid looking back and forth often.
  4. Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves: For the symmetrical galley kitchen, it’s not necessary to mirror both sides, but having close similarity will offer a coherent and balanced finish. Want extra storage, you may incorporate pantry, utility, or tall cabinets on one side while keeping a classic layout for the other side. Consider adding open shelving to some areas of the galley kitchen that will display your prized appliances and ceramics.
  5. Lighting Ideas: A good lighting scheme will make your tight and narrow kitchen feel brighter, bigger, and more stylish. Keep the windows intact to allow natural light to enter the space unfiltered. Lamps and shelf lights can be teamed up with pendant lights to ensure that light scatters throughout the kitchen.
  6. Stunning Colours: A small parallel kitchen teams up perfectly with a light and soft colour scheme that gives an airy feel. White and grey galley kitchens are a stylish pick for compact kitchens. Or play with colourful accents such as darker base cabinets and lighter upper cabinets for a striking look.
  7. Accessories: Kitchen accessories play a vital role in adding life to your kitchen. You could opt for handless cabinets to make the galley kitchen appear more organised and seamless.

Make Your Galley Kitchen Feel Bigger

Considering a galley kitchen remodel and want to make it appear bigger and larger? Here are some key design tips that you need to follow to make the kitchen feel larger.

  1. Keep it Minimal: Prefer sticking to the basic elements such as base and upper cabinets, sink, hob, dishwasher, worktop, refrigerator, and oven. Choose appliances in their standard sizes. This will avoid overcrowding of the kitchen and prevent a cluttered look.
  2. Innovative Storage Solutions: Creating floor-to-ceiling cabinets will help maximising the storage space. Prefer open shelving or glass door cabinets to make an impressive look in the galley kitchen. Lazy Susan, lower cabinets and pull-out shelves will help optimise the cabinet space.
  3. Finishing Materials: While planning a corridor-style kitchen, prefer glossy elements. These units reflect the light and add a sense of space to the kitchen. Choose tiles with lustrous sheen or natural textures to make the kitchen appear spacious.

Choose Bespoke Galley Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

At TEL Kitchens, we aim to bring your dream kitchen to life. Being the best galley kitchen manufacturing company in London, we understand your requirements, needs, budget, and taste better than others in the market. From start to finish, we are your one-stop kitchen company for all your kitchen needs. Whether you are planning a renovation, remodelling, or building from scratch, our professional designs are always there to help you get started. Just leave everything to us- planning, designing, manufacturing and installation, we are the most recommended company in London. Speak to us today and personalize the kitchen in a way you want. Talk to us at 020 8610 9655 or email your requirements at We shall be happy to assist and help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best floor for a galley kitchen?


A wooden floor that runs along the kitchen length or a wood-like durable floor works amazingly with galley-style kitchens. Place the wooden planks along the length and not width wise to ensure they stay for a longer time.

Which appliance layout works best in a galley kitchen?


In a Galley style kitchen, there are two parallel worktops with a narrow corridor in between. To achieve an effective work triangle and make the kitchen ergonomic, split the placement of appliances on both sides.

What are the characteristics of a galley kitchen?


The main characteristics of a galley-style kitchen are two parallel walls that have kitchen cabinets and worktops installed with a walkway (long and narrow) in between. This layout creates a streamlined and compact space that imparts efficiency and boosts functionality.

What is the minimum gap in a galley kitchen?


Ideally, the gap between the two runs of the parallel kitchen should be 3 feet, while you can also have 4-5 feet as well. Narrow kitchens are possible too but that will make it only a single user operable kitchen.

What is the best colour for a galley style kitchen?


Corridor Kitchen looks beautiful in pastel hues or natural wood shades. These maintain an airy and bright feel in the kitchen. Off whites, whites, cream, and soft greys work amazingly with the galley style kitchen. These colours make the light bounce back, making the kitchen space appear bigger and larger.


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