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G-Shaped Peninsula Kitchens

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G-Shaped Peninsula Kitchens

G-Shaped Peninsula Kitchens

G-shaped kitchens are in trend, they make your everyday cooking and cleaning an effortless process. This kitchen layout is quite bold, multi-functional and gorgeous. The fitted G shaped kitchens are extended versions of U layout of kitchens. Whether you are renovating a house, apartment, or commercial space or planning to design it from scratch –Peninsula G shape kitchens are phenomenal. They add comfort, space and styl. As experienced kitchen designers in the UK, we witnessed these kitchens becoming the clients’ favourites for many years.

What is a G-Shaped Kitchen Layout?

As the name suggests, a G-shaped kitchen design has a layout similar to the letter G. It closely resembles U-shaped kitchens but has an extra side. G shape fitted kitchen has four sides. In the G shape of kitchens, the extra worktop/ side is added, known as a peninsula. Therefore, these kitchens are also known as Peninsula kitchens. The extra dimension added works as an alternative to an island and seamlessly fits in all sizes.

The peninsula kitchen layout helps increase space practical features by adding more space. The cabinet, cooking and dining space gets increased with the kitchens of G layout. TEL Kitchens design & fit the premium quality modern G-shaped kitchens using cutting edge technology. We have been in the industry for 12+ years; our local kitchen experts are super talented and disciplined in handling all kinds of kitchen installation services in London.

Styles in Peninsula G Shape Kitchens

Kitchens with G shape can have different style variations. Not two kitchens are the same; as no two persons are the same. Expert kitchen designing agencies clearly understand it. Different style variations are picked depending on unique spaces and client needs:

  • Modern or Contemporary G-Shape Kitchen Design: The modern kitchens with peninsula or G shape are so smooth, look easy and are just amazing. These fitted kitchens are popular for their seamless fittings and elegance theme. Not too bold and flashy decorative elements or colour schemes are seen in modern kitchen themes.
  • Rustic or Traditional G Shaped Kitchen: The kitchens with most wooden interiors, an abundance of decorative elements, cabinetry units, bold colours and traditional accessories. Rather than using innovative and advanced fittings, traditional kitchens typically have appliances that function manually.
  • Minimalistic Kitchen Design with G Layout: As the name suggests, these are simple, basic and luxury kitchens with minimal interior elements. But that does not make them any less functional. Such cooking areas are as advanced and as smooth functioning as any other style (and can be even more efficient). Such kitchens have hidden, integrated and compact fittings.
  • Handleless G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchens: Handleless kitchens have no handles; the cabinetry units work with a pull-out mechanism or by pulling the railing designed on the top of drawers, doors or cabinets. J-pull handles, true handleless and push-to-open kitchens are its primary types. Advanced G-shaped handleless kitchens can also have buttons installed to open the units.

Why G-Shaped Kitchens Are Popular?

G Shaped kitchens are getting enough attention for a good reason. It is perfect for versatile styles and sizes of builds. Regardless of whether you want to have a rustic, modern or eclectic; the kitchen peninsula complements it all very well. The popularity of these spaces is due to very obvious reasons; their layout is very different from all other kitchens. It makes the space look complete.

  • Makes the Kitchens Multi-Functioning: G shaped kitchens are multi-functional. The added peninsula provides space for socializing, food preparation and eating. Allowing you to talk and do kitchen work at the same time. People seek connections, and this kitchen layout gives all chances to get together with the family and loved ones. Especially if you are working, or a housewife with a corporate life. Spend time with your family and in the kitchen simultaneously. It works great for open floor plans.
  • Perfect for Dining and Breakfast Counter: The additional counter space is accessed from three sides. How do you want to use it? It can be utilized as a breakfast or dining bar. A wine fridge and many other integrated compact appliances can be fitted here. Just talk to the best kitchen manufacturer near you, or find a smart kitchen interior designer to explore more exciting ideas.
  • Peninsula Kitchens Maximise Storage Space: Allowing you to the make most of the space. A kitchen with a G layout offers plenty of storage space. You can have additional base cabinets. Thus without sacrificing on style; the kitchen space can be stretched to the maximum. Not only does it boost the space usability but also saves the area. Whilst an island consumes plenty of space, it can be added as an alternative without using many square feet.
  • Have Style Variations to Amaze You: G shape peninsula kitchens are versatile; meaning they are easily fitted in all shapes and styles of places. Complements all properties; homes, hotels, commercial, apartments and open plan kitchen places in the public spots. This adaptability is its superpower. It can be crafted in modern, traditional as well as transitional themes.

Components of Modern G Shape Kitchens

  • Appliances in Kitchens with Peninsula

Appliances are an integral part of any kitchen, and placing them in the right spot is as equally important. Cabinet fitting on the wall near the peninsula is always avoided by kitchen manufacturing experts. It makes space congested. The work triangle of the kitchen is kept in mind when installing kitchen storage units and appliances. Most of the appliances are installed on the main walls and integrated within the working area. This creates more functional space while making the kitchen look put together.

  • Lighting in G-Shaped Peninsula Kitchens

With G shape layout of a kitchen, you get many opportunities to explore kitchen lighting. Especially for a large kitchen, you may need a lot of light to make it more functional. To make this cooking space look chic; task lighting is installed. Overhead lights work great in the main kitchen area while under cabinets lights illuminate the entire kitchen scene. It lit up the workplace. The accent lights in Peninsula kitchens add a flair of creativity. Many experts in kitchen design use decorative pendants for decoration and adding a sense of style. Whatever your taste is, all types of lights can be installed to enhance the looks and usability of this culinary space.

  • Storage Units in Kitchen Layout with Peninsula

The key to maintaining efficient storage space in the G shape of kitchens is using simplicity in units. Including corner cabinets, vertical units, and wall cabinets on the side of the kitchen boosts the kitchen’s effectiveness. Tall cupboards are best for putting things such as vacuum cleaners, mops and other large-sized items. Kitchen designing companies often prefer installing drawers, and cabinets alongside the peninsula.

  • Finishing Touches in Kitchens with G-Shape

Small things make a huge difference, and at TEL Kitchens we act upon it. By using the finest finishing; which is not only trendy but functional; the kitchen’s scope is being elevated. A Peninsula kitchen provides endless possibilities to refine its looks, feels and functionality. The stainless steel finishing, handles and knobs are primarily used in modern kitchen styles. While subtle looks are obtained from handleless interiors. Glass, wood, aluminium and oak are other finishing options. We combine matte, glossy and a mixer of both as well. To not overcomplicate the peninsula kitchen layout; the expert kitchen interiors attentively harmonise the colours, fittings and furnishing.

Best Modern Peninsula Kitchen Fitting Experts in London

Want to find the best kitchen designing services in London? If you are looking for the ideal partner to plan, fit and design your kitchen in the UK; TEL Kitchens are your go-to choice. We are the leaders in handcrafting the bespoke G shape peninsula kitchens. Our experts are qualified, talented, and have great hands-on experience. The team is trained regularly to work with newly launched technologies. Builders are trained by the leaders of our kitchen manufacturing agency; it helps us in delivering the best kitchen quality possible. The foremost rule of our team is to work along with the client. It results in bringing 100% satisfaction. We follow punctuality, discipline and patience during work. Achieving milestones by completing more than thousands of kitchen installations across the UK. If you are here today, maybe it is your call to work with us. Get inspired by our work; dream a little and share your vision with us.

Personalize Your G-Shaped Kitchen from TEL Kitchens

TEL Kitchens, the top kitchen manufacturing firm in London has expertise that helps clients create the ideal cooking spaces. We cater for the kitchen that is just right for your preferences. Incorporating marble, quartz, porcelain, stone, wood and versatile materials for countertops, cabinets and splashbacks. They not only make a culinary space efficient but also captivating. Experimenting places with different lighting fixtures lets us bring out the adventurous side of a peninsula kitchen design. We install LED lights, strip lights, pendants, and accent bulbs. We also offer endless colour schemes to our clients to give the desired tone to a kitchen. Depending on your kitchen goals, size, lifestyle and budget we choose the right kitchen style for you. Our luxury and tailored kitchen fitting services are renowned for both aesthetics and functionality. Get in touch with the team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of G shaped kitchen?


G shape kitchens offer endless benefits. Mainly, the peninsula attached to it offers extra worktop space that can be utilized as an island. Use it for food preparation, cooking, sitting or socializing.

What is a peninsula in a G layout of a kitchen?


The ‘peninsula’ or ‘a jut’ in a G-shaped kitchen layout is the extended arm, more like an island but attached to the kitchen worktop. Peninsula is the shortest side of the G shape kitchen, offering access from three sides.

What is the minimum size for a G-shaped kitchen?


The minimum size of 10' x 10' can make an ideal G shape kitchen design and layout without compromising either of its style & functionality.

How to not overdo with a Peninsula G shape kitchen?


Use integrated fittings, compact appliances, and a light colour scheme. Avoid adding unnecessary accessories and large-sized fittings if your kitchen is small or narrow.


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