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We design every kitchen from rustic, classic to modern and premium. Our luxury kitchen designs include Italian, German, Vista, Aurora, Insignia and Bespoke Kitchens.

Sophistication is the key as our team deeply focuses on fitting high-quality materials to emphasize beauty and longevity and installing Sleek and lightweight appliances.

Italian Kitchens can have variety of minimal scheme of colours. TEL Kitchens is drawn towards customizing it according to client’s choices. Generally, neutral colours such as cream, white, grey, milky and beige are popular combinations that leave a minimal yet luxurious appearance.

TEL Kitchens’ expertise always focuses on bringing the high-end construction side; therefore, the kitchen delivery period may vary. Generally, kitchen completion time depends on the following:

  • Project Size, For instance, number of kitchens, dimension of the space etc.
  • Kitchen customization and revisions can impact kitchen fitting duration.

Bespoke Kitchen designs meaning clients can share their own preferences & ideas and our team will design the product meeting those unique needs. We offer our clients to create a perfect blend of creativity and functionality by making kitchen fittings as per their lifestyle and personality.

Yes, Clients can share desired changes any time before the construction process or while rendering begins to avoid any complications and disappointments.

During the site visit, architects, designers and engineers will consult clients and listen to their every demand while explaining the merits and demerits of each.

You can openly share what you seek, and expect from the team. We are famous for delivering top class kitchen designs according to customers’ preferences.

TEL Kitchens make sure it’s customer’s satisfaction even after the project is delivered. From a completely new kitchen delivery to renovations, we have an in-house team to take care of your concerns.

We offer FREE-of-cost after-sales services to our clients. Your Kitchen is our responsibility even after it is successfully delivered.

TEL Kitchens dedicatedly design personalized wardrobes. However, sliding doors, hinged wardrobes, Glass, and Walk-in Wardrobes come under our main category and are fitted exclusively per your style and needs.

Nope, Glass wardrobes are primarily made of durable and engineered glass, well-tested and precisely checked under all conditions. It cannot break just by shutting down the cupboard forcefully.

TEL Kitchens is a leading manufacturer of Kitchens in the UK and is well-known for its high-standard, top-notch, advanced and luxury quality.

In addition, we design wardrobes, bathrooms and units, concierge setups, TV units, Entertainment rooms, and elevations.

Sometimes called as Wash-basin, in the UK vanity units are installed in Bathrooms for a luxury finish. Usually they have a mirror and a counter cupboard for placing necessary items. Vanity units adds adorning and elegant ambient inside a room.

To experience the touch and feel of our luxury vanity units, you can visit our London Studio at Unit 4A 158 Dukes Road London W3 0SL, from Monday – Friday, between 8 AM – 8 PM. Besides, our website does have collections for vanity unit design samples.

It would always be best to share required changes during the procedure, whereas we have an in-house professional team who look after last-minute changes.

Once you book the appointment, our experts will visit your place, observe and inspect the conditions and interior. Vanity Units are designed to complement the place and according to what a client demands without question asked.

Our team aims to create a fully functional cooking atmosphere with luxury kitchen accessories that fit unique client needs. They smartly manage the space, enhance the presentation and unclutter the Kitchen.

The smart kitchen gadgets which blends with kitchen design and ease daily tasks without takig much space are kitchen built-In appliances such as Microwave, Stove, Coffee Maker, Smart Induction, Oven etc.

At TEL Kitchens, we do offer innovative and smart integrated kitchen appliances. However, clients can purchase their favourable units. The cost price will be reduced from the overall QUOTE.

Contemporary kitchens designed by our team are the epitome of excellence reflected through sleek, modern and lightweight appliances. They support energy saving and are also reasonably light on your pockets.

We deliver luxury bespoke worktop and backsplash according to clients’ desires.

However, Marble, wood, and stones are widely used in designing Italian kitchen worktops, backsplash, flooring and cabinetry units. They are sustainable, clean and resistant to various climatic conditions.

TEL Kitchens take entire projects unless and until we install the Worktop or any other unit; it can be fixed under the after-sales service policy. The services to be done depends on project design and size.

We follow the same work pattern for every service. Contact us> Convey your needs> Get an appointment> Work Started.

Before kicking off the project, we schedule regular meetings to collect your specific requirements, site observation and clear communication.

It depends on the size of the wall, personalization, material type, and fitting complexity.

Yes, some kitchen techniques and layouts maximize the cooking area and make a space look larger. TEL Kitchens’ prominent designers and architects closely work to effectively use available space.

Every kitchen type holds a speciality; our team consults customers depending on their space dimension and availability. The main kitchen layout types are L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, Kitchen Island, Gallery Kitchen and Peninsula Kitchen.

TEL Kitchens delivers a satisfactory experience to its clients by ensuring safety and strength. Every unit is tested in labs before fitting and forwarding it for the client’s space.

Cooking releases smoke, steam, and other airborne particles, which can harm your health if they are not adequately filtered and exhausted outside.

TEL Kitchens install smart chimney and exhaust systems to prevent the build-up of excess moisture that can lead to mould growth and lower the temperature in your Kitchen, making it a more comfortable space to work in.

The type of Wall cladding you choose depends on your style, budget, and practical needs. Mainly Natural Stone, Glass, Stainless-steel, Ceramic and PVC Panels are popular among clients.

To make sure your Kitchen is utterly safe for work. Kitchen snagging is the process of addressing any issues or defects in your newly installed Kitchen.

Snagging is essential because it ensures that your Kitchen is installed to a high standard, meets your expectations, and is fully functional. It detects any missing part/ step, untreated spot, or damage and works on it before clients sign off.

Our team thoroughly inspect every little aspect, including kitchen worktop, floors, lighting, doors & windows, storage units, drawers etc. A complete report is prepared to work towards the Kitchen to ensure the full functionality for you to have the best time in your new space.

Yes, TEL Kitchens have a brilliant 3D architect designing team who put life into the 3d models.

It helps our clients to connect with their dream kitchen easily and experience the space with walkthroughs and photorealistic animations. Also, it aids customers to share their ideas openly.

TEL Kitchens’ specialists also take on commercial projects for multiple units. Its unique work ethic and first-class services have made it a favourite among property developers & contractors.

Contact the team for new construction and renovation projects.

You can go through our past projects to have a glance at how we work. Visit and check out our elite projects, portfolio and case studies.

We take pride in the quality of our products and services and stand behind our work with our warranty. Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with their kitchen design and installation for years.

TEL Kitchens offer a warranty period for all our products and services to provide our clients with peace of mind and assurance. The warranty period typically varies depending on the product or service and may range from one year to many.

TEL Kitchens have a whole package for handling task from scratch to completion, including every minor and major fitting. We have the expertise for everything –flooring, roofing, paint, doors & windows, appliance & accessory fitting and a team of electricians & plumbers.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured for the safety and well-being of our employees, labour and clients. Also, our workplace follows all the industry standards and regulations complied with by British Government.

No, we never outsource the team. We have talented in-house professionals hired for multiple roles. Our team work and enthusiasm is the backbone of the successful years in industry.

  • It all depends on the project’s complexity, the materials chosen, and the technology involved in the process.
  • Another aspect that affects the kitchen remodelling cost of the market value of a home. TEL Kitchens offer distinctive pricing to fit every type of customer.

TEL Kitchens is successfully providing well-knitted, holistic and stunning kitchen designs with the legacy of 11 years of experience.

Workers at TEL Kitchens are highly skilled with experience and practical knowledge, but we keep updating and training our workers and labour with new machinery and tools. Regular workshops are conducted for work plans and brainstorming for high-quality product delivery.

After collecting all requirements and site inspection – we start work as early as possible without compromising material quality and details.

TEL Kitchens work closely to curate perfection in every inch using high-quality materials, the finest accessories designed, tested and fitted using cutting-edge technology.

Booking an appointment or a consultation is fairly easy with TEL Kitchens. Simply call us on 020 8610 9655, or email us at

  • Wait until one of our customer support employees gets back to you.
  • You will be assigned to a professional depending on the query.
  • After fixing the appointment date, visit will be finalized.

We accept a variety of payment methods. From cash, card payments, and through third-party finance providers.

We are located at two places in the London.

Our studio address is:

Unit 9, Hayes Business Studios,

Coldharbour Lane, Hayes, London UB3 3BB.

Our showroom address is:

Unit 4A 158 Dukes Road London W3 0SL

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