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Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Covered outdoor kitchens give you a great possibility to explore the outdoors and take your culinary passion to the next level. Apart from the comfort and luxury, these outdoor kitchens turn out to be a great option for your alfresco parties or family evenings. Planning a home renovation or remodel, then this covered backyard kitchen should be on your list. Add the best parts of your indoor kitchen blended with some outdoor must-haves, you get an outdoor kitchen ready for entertainment. It’s time to ditch those grills and tables on your patios and seek inspiration from these amazing covered outdoor kitchen ideas.

Functional & Beautiful Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Covering your outdoor kitchen with an awning, pergola, roof, or canopy not only makes your meal preparation easy but also saves you from dust, rain, and harsh weather conditions. Get motivated by this range of covered outdoor kitchen ideas in a variety of styles and designs.

1. Modern Outdoor Kitchen Covered by Canopy

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Covered by Canopy

Get inspired by nature by incorporating the elements in your covered outdoor kitchen design. This beautiful canopy-covered kitchen stands freely in the centre of the lawn. Combining the beauty of the woods, and stones and blending the natural colours in this handless kitchen, you give it a truly stunning and inspiring look.

2. Covered Kitchen in Lawn on Wooden Deck

Covered Kitchen in Lawn on Wooden Deck

Want to give a good elbow space to your guests and want to give them the first row when they’re the chef? This long-covered outdoor kitchen is perfect to match your vision. If you have the space, then plan this kitchen right away and awe your guests.

3. Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Yes! This design would make anyone envious. With the casual and rustic feel of this kitchen along with the comfortable seating arrangement, television, and fireplace, this kitchen has everything that you need for outdoor entertainment. This place becomes an ideal spot for cooking, eating and relaxing.

4. Fantastic Pavilion Kitchen

Fantastic Pavilion Kitchen

This picture showcases one of the popular covered outdoor kitchen ideas which is custom built to suit the need and match the vibe of the place. The hipped roof provides the shade and protection to cook mouth-relishing dishes and serve them too about the counter.

5. Freestanding Outdoor Kitchen in Lawn

Freestanding Outdoor Kitchen in Lawn

This freestanding kitchen in wood serves as an inspiration to all who are looking to create an outdoor kitchen or undergoing a home renovation. The slattering on the pergola protects the inside from the scorching sun rays, yet keeps the open area a cosy and comfortable place to sit and eat.

6. Stunning Gazebo Kitchen with Hood

Stunning Gazebo Kitchen with Hood

A covered outdoor kitchen empowers you to step up your culinary and hospitality game. This gazebo kitchen placed in the lawn area over the stone floor is a step forward in achieving the same. You may accentuate the look by adding string lighting to the roof and task lighting to the cabinets.

7. Pergola Kitchen with a Glass Roof

Stunning Gazebo Kitchen with Hood

Looking for a stylish outdoor kitchen retreat, then this loggia kitchen resonates perfectly with your vision. The glass roof keeps the outdoor kitchen illuminated and protects from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, dust, etc. Also, get a good glaze of the star-studded sky during the night. With appliances integrated such as a hob, refrigerator and oven, things become much easier to cook and serve.

8. Lawn Kitchen with Green Roof

Lawn Kitchen with Green Roof

Give plenty of room to your guests when they dine. Keep the table closer to the countertop or the island. If you’re still not sure about the placement of things, keep experimenting. This exclusive covered outdoor kitchen design idea has not only all the facilities loaded but also a green roof structure that takes the view to just the next level.

9. Classic Victorian-Style Loggia Kitchen

Classic Victorian-Style Loggia Kitchen

The Victorian-styled pillars with lamp posts holding the canopy, just make the perfect loggia kitchen for your home. The bar stools, breakfast counters and comfy couches turn the space a perfect spot for hosting parties, get-togethers and other events.

10. Open Sided Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Open Sided Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This open-sided outdoor kitchen gives a beautiful view making your culinary activities comfortable and convenient. The kitchen elements are placed according to an ergonomic design that ensures less physical discomfort. The tiled deck further gives a clean and elegant look to this pavilion kitchen.

11. Outdoor Kitchen Pod in Lawn

Outdoor Kitchen Pod in Lawn

This is certainly one of the dream kitchens you’ve been looking for. Isn’t it? The kitchen pod by the lawn side in an oval shape directly takes you down to the memory lane of sci-fi movies. Save the picture or pin it now.

12. Feel the Coastal Vibe

Feel the Coastal Vibe

Love travelling to beaches or hillsides? Then have a look at this luxurious setting of a Patio kitchen having umbrellas placed over the seating area. This directly transports you to a new, divine place and will be a next-level experience for you.

13. Kitchen Pergola with Trellis

Kitchen Pergola with Trellis

Enjoy barbeque evenings with friends and family in this pergola kitchen with overloaded serenity by climbers. The space makes you feel casual and cosy as the large centre table with a good seating capacity is looking for some serious entertainment.

14. Pergola Covered Patio Kitchen

Pergola Covered Patio Kitchen

This Mediterranean-styled kitchen under the pergola works as an extension of the home. Sit, eat, and relax on the patio and dive into the amazing ocean of memories crafted under this kitchen with your loved ones.

15. Lawn Kitchen Covered with Polycarbonate Roof

Lawn Kitchen Covered with Polycarbonate Roof

Looking for a sturdy, durable yet affordable option to cover your lawn kitchen? Then go for a polycarbonate roof. Amp up your cooking and dining experience with these transparent roofs for your outdoor kitchen.

16. Kitchen on a Lawn Deck with Retractable Awning Roof

Kitchen on a Lawn Deck with Retractable Awning Roof

This beautiful kitchen in black with open shelves and a breakfast table is a perfect start for your Sunday brunches and alfresco entertainment. The retractable awning over the kitchen protects you from straight sunrays and rain and lets you enjoy the ambience every time.

17. Open Kitchen with Timber Shelter

Open Kitchen with Timber Shelter

Thatched shed for a truly traditional touch, pendant bulbs to illuminate and a freestanding kitchen to host the culinary delicacies! Get inspired by this rustic timber shelter outdoor kitchen on the lawn over a stone patio.

18. Outdoor kitchen covered by Sail

Outdoor kitchen covered by Sail

Get the feeling of flowing with the air as well as staying protected under it by using a sail shade canopy as a covering for your outdoor kitchen. It is indeed one of the most affordable and budget options in case you’re planning for an outdoor kitchen.

19. Sunroom Style Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen

Sunroom Style Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen

This modern covered outdoor kitchen idea is a masterpiece in itself. Covered by a Gazebo-inspired sunroom, this kitchen on the lawn turns it into one of the most loved and recreational points in the home.

20. Kitchen with Modern Touch

Kitchen with Modern Touch

The best way to design your outdoor kitchen is to take inspiration from the home interiors. This will make it look like a part of the home. Extending the roof traditionally to cover the outdoor kitchen in the lawn area makes it a stunning and sturdy choice.

Winding Up

So these are some of the best covered outdoor kitchen ideas for our viewers. Having a covered outdoor kitchen in your home is a great way to turn your space modern, stylish, and luxurious. Looking to get one such kitchen? Speak to our specialists and book your free design consultation today. Being the leading kitchen company in London, UK, TEL Kitchens is renowned for delivering all types of kitchens in superior quality and at the best prices. Enquire now to know more.

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