pinterest The Copper Work Case Study - Delivered 23 Modern Kitchens

Kitchens Available

Linear Desire (Straight Plan)

Seamless workflow, ease of accessibility and compact modular kitchen design, a straight plan is perfect to build a spacious kitchen with ample storage space.

The Exquisite L (Brilliant Corner Utilisation)

L-shaped kitchen design is the ideal choice for contoured spaces and allows easy customization of the existing area to perfectly suit the needs of the space.

Kitchen Al Dente (Attention to the Overview)

This perfectly open-plan L-shaped kitchen ensures that each kitchen element was well-made, well-furnished, and positioned correctly to please the eye.

The Curious Combo (Great Mobility)

Although it is an open kitchen, there is much room for movement. The kitchens are not only aesthetically appealing but are also practical, functional and ergonomically well balanced.

Serene Appeal (Attention to Details)

Each element installed in the kitchen is polished and perfected. TEL Kitchens paired the sleek elements with the matte ones to eliminate the monotone and highlight every feature.

The Divine Routine (Bespoke Wardrobes)

At TEL Kitchens, we make manufacture everything in-house to maintain high precision throughout our furniture and reduce any room for errors pertaining to their design and built.

Analysis (The Conclusion)

TEL Kitchens successfully designed, manufactured and delivered 23 most exceptional modular kitchens to cater to both convenience and luxury for The Copper Works.

The attractive design was able to catch a lot of attention when the residential units were put on sale.

The marketing team at The Copper Works used the kitchens as one of the USP of the project and was able to generate good number of queries in one go.

This project enabled us to bring out our hidden talent to deliver the most creative, innovative and spacious kitchen designs in limited space constraints that too within time.