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Concierge Setup

Planned Set Up with Bespoke Furniture

Beautiful reception area with bespoke furniture

Perfect Concierge Set Up with Bespoke furniture

Planning the set up of any area is daunting especially the reception area. The front or common area is the first impression that one subconsciously notices about you and your business. So, you want your waiting area to be the best one. Not to worry, as TEL Kitchens is there to help you.

Our reception area and interior design specialists offer a free one to one service to understand what you exactly need. The in-house craftsmen design the bespoke furniture and media units with the best wood finishes and different colours that complement with the other parts of the space. You will be able to see how the reception area looks and then can make any amendments as per your choice. We use the cutting-edge technology in our workshops and can deliver bespoke reception areas or standard reception areas as per the requirement.

Our CAD drawings help the customer visualize their new space. You can choose from the variety of options of reception desks especially with granite countertops. Get everything ready under one roof from the captivating furniture to staircases and tables.

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