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Creating calm & deluxe edge in culinary spaces with blue kitchens

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Blue Kitchen

Blue kitchens are right on a trend that gives a kitchen a wholesome character and vibe. They can easily blend with the modern, minimalistic and classic interiors. Whether it is light and dark, or cool and warm blue tone; a blue space makes the atmosphere soothing. It offers tranquillity and a sense of freshness. That’s why, folks prefer blue kitchens to add openness, cleanliness, and inspiration.

Modern Blue Kitchen Manufacturers UK

Are you someone who is intensively drawn to blue shades? Let’s reconnect with nature and the serenity of ocean waves by colouring your kitchens in blue. Bespoke blue kitchens allow people to create a place where they feel belonged. Embrace the hard work of preparing delicious meals with soothing tones. Decorate kitchen breakfast-counter, wall-mounted cabinets, kitchen island, drawers & accessories, walls, ceiling and storage solutions. Cleverly add the splendid taste and get the brilliant kitchen room shaded in blue.

Popular Shades of Blue for Your Kitchens

  • Dark Blue Kitchen – Add the depth of beauty and charm inside your kitchen with the blue kitchen tones in dark shade. Style it with soft oak worktop and patterned flooring or metallic finishes.
  • Light Blue Kitchen – Go with lighter shades of blue to give your kitchen a light, luxury, cool and oceanic tone. You will get sophisticated yet very stylish finishing with kitchen in light blue.
  • Two Toned Blue Kitchen – Start with any desired blue shade and pair it with a tone lighter than that. Use one shade for cabinets and another for the wall and worktop.

Finishing & Fittings in Blue Kitchens

What kind of worktops, appliances, hardware could go best with a blue kitchen? How would matte and glossy texture will complement the space? Have a look:

  • Worktops: To give your blue kitchen the classic looks, add the warmth with a wood or butcher block. Lighter stone laminate worktops always look wonderful in such kitchens.
  • Hardware & Appliances: Choosing chrome, silver and nickel for knobs and handles perfectly fit a blue kitchen design. Stainless Steel appliances work beautifully against blue doors and drawer fronts.
  • Matte Blue Kitchens – To give your kitchen space more elegant looks, use matte blue colour finish on kitchen cabinets, drawers, and kitchen island. The matte blue kitchen finishing mixes up well with woodwork done in kitchens.
  • Glossy Blue Kitchens – High-glossy blue kitchens give a luxurious taste in kitchens. They create a mirror-like effect. Rich blue tones leaves bold and vibrant touch when combined with glossy kitchens.

Colour Combinations with Blue: Making of Dramatic Kitchens

The possibilities are endless when you choose the blue kitchen. No matter what you choose, a dark, light, bold or balanced blue shade; it contrasts nicely to reflect the grace. Elevate the interior of a culinary space with sprinkles of blues and some other hue. For example, these shades of blue work best when contrasted as:

Teal paired with light blue, Coastal blue and coral, Sapphire blue with mustard yellow, Off-white and all earth tones, blue and shades of grey, Taupe with teal blue is ideal for minimalist kitchens, Light blue with navy blue kitchens, White with dark blue, Royal Blue and grey creates a visual balance, for a highlighted cooking space; prefer orange with burnt orange and medium tone of blue colour, whereas to leave a generic & lasting impression; go with navy, white and blush shades. The trio combination of Blue, tan and coral leaves a stunning calm tone inside the space. For moody dark kitchens; dark blue, tan and taupe work wonders. Pink and purple lovers can add a little pop of their preferred hue with blue. In the same manner, different shades of blue paired with other shades offer a magical edge to the kitchens.

Popular Colour Palette for Blue Kitchens

Blue shades are an ideal choice to create distinctive colour schemes in a kitchen. Its variety of shades gives freedom to every heart to harmonize with it. Some shades evoke vibrancy while others relate to amplify the calmness. Discover some of the popular blue kitchen shades – mineral mist, denim drift, misty sky, breton blue, river valley, oxford blue, bright skies, atlantic valley, stonewashed blue, first dawn, lost lake, sea blue.

Bespoke Blue Kitchen Designers

Bespoke Blue Kitchens are the perfect addition for homes. It comes in different styles including modern, rustic, and conventional. The handleless kitchens are another popular design of blue kitchens that is highly preferred in the modern society. You get to choose all kitchen fittings and finishing as per your requirements. With bespoke blue kitchen designers of TEL Kitchens; you can create German, Italian, Aurora, Classic and any type of kitchens under reasonable pricing.

Blue Kitchen Designing & Fitting Company

Need Some Advice on Blue Kitchens in London? With the best kitchen manufacturing agency in London; you have the chance to share your thoughts to have the stunning kitchen space in blue. For those who are looking for inspiration to build a blue kitchen, our magnificent kitchen designs will charm you! We are London’s best kitchen planners designers and installers. Our team deliver the complete kitchen fitting services from scratch to the final touch. Get in touch to revamp up your spaces with TEL Kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why blue kitchens are so popular in the UK?


Kitchens in blue easily go with small and large kitchens without compromising on style. The blue colour offers a sense of calmness & drama at the same point.

Which cabinet colour goes best with a blue kitchen?


Almost all shades of cabinetry complement the blue kitchen; the popular choices are wooden, stainless steel, white, beige, tan, taupe, light blue, grey and gloss finished cabinets.

What coloured floor goes nicely with a kitchen of blue colour?


Grey, white, light brown, marble, granite, charcoal stone, light pink and vintage tiles look perfect with a blue kitchen.

Is blue a good colour for kitchens?


Of course. In fact, blue is a great colour for all styles of kitchens. Dark blue shades work best for cabinets and worktops while light shades are ideal for wall, floors and roofs.

Which colour leaves the positive influence in kitchen?


Blue spreads positivity and symbolizes serenity. It makes the space more inviting & jolly. So, blue is considered as the positive kitchen colour.


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