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Aurora White

Ultra-Modern German Kitchen Design in timeless Beauty! 


Aurora White is an ultra-modern kitchen design with kitchen cabinets crafted in a premium white glossy finish.  

This modular kitchen design is a perfect eye-captivating part of the home having all the elements that make it stand out from the rest.  

The kitchen worktop and island in pretty Statuario marble add the aesthetically pleasing factor within the kitchen space while offering the desired functionality.  

The integrated German kitchen design in pristine white creates a seamless and more streamlined look to the kitchen space while the cabinet channels in SS Matt finish assure the quality with functionality. 

Key attractions of Aurora White

  • The central attraction that never lacks in matching the style statement in the kitchen design is a pristine white glossy finish. 
  • This luxurious German Kitchen design is the perfect fit to match the diversifying tastes. 
  • The kitchen worktop and splashback in gorgeous Statuario marble enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. 
  • The appropriate lighting ensures the space is well lighted at every nook and corner. 
  • This kitchen design delivers functionality with aesthetic appeal and high quality. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Statuario Marbles, White Glossy Finish, Stainless Steel 
Kitchen Worktop  Statuario Marble 
Kitchen Splashback  Statuario Marble 
Kitchen Island  Statuario Marble 
Kitchen Cabinets  Premium White glossy finish 
Kitchen units channels  SS Matt finish 
Kitchen sink and Taps  Stainless Steel 
Kitchen Sink Finish  SS Finish 

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