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Aurora Prime

German Kitchen Design in Crystal-like Stone!


Aurora Pride is a premium range collection in the German Kitchen Design range. 

The Kitchen Worktop, Kitchen Splashback and Kitchen Island are designed in pretty Labradorite Prexury Granite stone that gives the quartzite appearance due to the presence of a crystal-like structure. The worktop in pretty black with crystal texture enhances the appearance of the space. 

The kitchen cabinets crafted in Dust gray and platinum white finish give a rich and elegant look while the channels are created with SS matt finish. 

The open shelves arrangement in sturdy glass allows having playful combinations of the collectibles in this ultra modern German kitchen design. 

The profile light on the plinth, top, and under the wall units ensures a well-lighted kitchen space to make your cooking experience amazing. 

Key attractions of Aurora Prime

  • This German Kitchen style is a perfect style to make a style statement in any kitchen space. 
  • The worktop in crystal-like material in a pretty black color family gives a unique and appealing appearance to the space. 
  • The appropriate lighting on the plinth, under the wall units and to ensure that you will have a well-lighted cooking space with a warm and welcoming environment. 
  • The sink is designed with a SS finish to provide a subtle look. 

Designed Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Labradorite Prexury Granite, Stainless Steel 
Kitchen Worktop Material  Labradorite Prexury Granite Stone 
Kitchen Island Material  Labradorite Prexury Granite Stone 
Color Description of Kitchen Worktop and Island  Elegant black 
Sink and Taps Material  Stainless Steel 
Sink Finish  SS Finish 
Kitchen Cabinet Units  Dust Gray color with platinum white finish 
Cabinets Channel Finish  SS Matt Finish 
Kitchen Splashback Material  Labradorite Prexury Granite Stone 

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