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Classic modern vanity unit styles for you!

Product Description


Basin 55 is a pre-assembled modern vanity unit with ready-to-install instructions, including a Lego box. The vanity unit comes in a one-of-a-kind capacity 35 kg drawer with a steel handle, double door cabinets with soft close and hinges.  

A high-quality functional piece in the bathroom space, this bathroom sink vanity unit brings in ample storage to accommodate all your bathroom essentials while keeping it all uncluttered.  

This 50 cm vanity unit and basin has a confirmatory carcass to provide the matching appeal. The high-grade ceramic Basin manufactured based on the EU standards guarantees acquiring a durable addition to your bathroom space. 

Key features of 50 cm Wall mounted Vanity Unit

  • The wall hung vanity unit includes soft close hinges in a double door pattern with a brushed steel handle. 
  • Dimensions: 525 (w) X 450 (h) X 340 (d) and 470 mm height with basin  

Key features of Basin

  • The Basin is technically known as the Basin 55 in high grade white ceramic materials 
  • A single tap hole with an overflow feature 
  • Dimensions: 550 (w) X 20 (h) X 350 (d) 


Essential to note: The vanity unit total price includes Basin!  

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