How to Buy a Kitchen

Follow a systematic approach for kitchen shopping

How to buy a kitchen

Are you paying through the nose for installing a bespoke kitchen? Buying a Kitchen is not a daunting task anymore as we walk you through the step by step approach.

Selecting the Layout, Appliances, and Units

The layout of your modular kitchen is foremost in space utilization. The most conventional kitchen shapes are L-shaped, U-shaped, straight, and parallel. Finalizing kitchen design is one of the important steps and one can choose from a variety of Italian and German designs. Scrutinize the location of doors and windows in your home as well as existing appliances, plumbing, and electric outlets to determine what will work best for you. Hire a professional to understand the specific needs of your home.
Choose a variety of integrated kitchen appliances like ovens, stovetops, grills, microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, and more. Figure out the location of electric appliances like oven, microwave, and chimney to analyse where your electric points need to be. For a proper plumbing set-up, decide the location of the sink and other dish soap essentials. It is essential to adopt proper height for countertops and cabinets to avoid back pains.
Kitchen wall units are used for dishes and kitchen equipment. Determine the number and style of wall units from horizontal units, corner shelving units, crockery units, and more. Leave space for chimney/exhaust vent while leaving space for wall units.

Luxurious kitchen with exotic worktop and breakfast table
Wooden backsplash and white finish kitchen with worktop

Choosing Materials and Finishes

Hand-pick the materials your units, countertops, and flooring will be made from. While selecting materials and finishes, think about how long you want your modular kitchen to last and the environmental conditions. Select the appropriate material for your countertops. Countertops can be made from quartz, granite, porcelain and marble. Premium quality granite is one of the best options as it resists heat, scratches, and stains.
Choose the materials for your cabinet units. Custom handle-less cabinets are the best options for modern kitchens. Talk to an expert to select the finish for your units as he will help you consider the colours that complement the wall and flooring. Matte surfaces are scratch-resistant and glossy ones are easier to clean. Choose the right flooring from porcelain, stone, or ceramic.

Stylish black brick backsplash with laminate worktop

Choosing a Vendor

Do thorough Internet research to find modular kitchen vendors in your area. Search for the one with the in-house warehouse and positive reviews. Reading reviews helps you analyse whether the customers are satisfied with a modular kitchen company or not. Comparing price is significant as some vendors offer the best service at lower prices and deposits. Different companies may charge vastly different amounts for the same work. Decide how exactly you want your kitchen to be and customize the component and material type as per your budget. Go for a kitchen specialist that follows agile project management techniques and offer good warranties. While some vendors offer a1-year warranty, some offer 10-year warranties. Choose the longest warranty possible to ensure your luxurious kitchen will look great and function for many years.

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